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We believe that all of us including every fabrics of living energy will return to the kingdom of God as an individual. Nevertheless, the spherical life journey however is differing from one individual to another. Furthermore, no one would be held responsible for one spiritual growth but it is totally the responsibility by individual person that is based on the universal principle – the freewill rightness.

Yet, when we talks about the dimensional differences between the spirit dimension and the physical dimension we cannot only rely to what is logic to our mind that based on the physical dimension’s rules but we need to access the source of mind which is God’s mind.

Interestingly, most of us have been seasoned with our fundamental 5 physical senses that shaped our experience that has become the only source as a reference for us to make a decision in life.

Furthermore, the logical explanations is not enough to explain the reality of the spirit dimension as certain problem cannot be solved at the same stage with the problem raised. Therefore, we need to access the sub conscious mind to be reconnected with the super conscious mind the God’s mind that enable us to understand the basic rules of the universal principle.  Then again, the process to be reconnected with the source of mind needs us to combine all senses into one which is – The mind, the body and the soul.

Therefore, by accessing the source of mind – The God’s mind we are able to understand better the concept of the spirit world yet the understanding would be totally confined within one mind.

Hence, based on the Malaysian Paranormal Research findings, proof that the spirit dimension existence is similar to the physical dimension existence. Therefore, the similarity is in line with the concept of the Parallel Worlds Theory. What we fine within the physical dimension is also exist  at the spirit dimension.

Furthermore, since we believe that the spirit dimension exists based on energy therefore we need a higher logical thinking explanation to explain it such as the Theory of General Relativity that not only explains the concept of the spirit’s dimension but also Einstein held to his belief  that the God, who created the universe within His ultimate mind, exists.

However, to explain this matter in a sample manner the spirit dimension and the physical world is one within the God’s mind. The spirit dimension is core exist with the physical dimension based on the living’s view point on the spirit dimension. Therefore, the flash photo that you see here is a good reference to explain the deference between the two dimensions.

If we considered the surface of the water as a barrier between the bottoms of the water as a physical dimension and the upper dimension and beyond the surface of the water as the spirit dimension Therefore, we could see that both dimensions is one and integrated within the whole universe in God’s mind. Nevertheless, as a living we could not pass through the barrier although we could experienced the existence of the high dimension when we are close enough to the barrier or what most of the paranormal researchers believed to be the spirit portal yet it is not easy to enter the spirit’s dimension although it is possible.

In fact, the barrier is too thin and because the barrier is in the form of energy therefore it is not stable that similarly to surface of the river or pond that once the surface is disturb we could not see the reflections of the other dimension clearly or could not see at all.

Yet, based on the Quantum chromo dynamics explanations that explained the e=mc2 formula of Einstein shows that mass can be converted into energy, and energy can be converted into mass is a good explanations in regards of explaining the spherical life journey of mankind.

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