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I am proud to say that I have just published my first and complete book on Ghost Research entitled “Ghost Research Manual”.  Ghost Research Manual is the embodiment of my 7 years of ghost research and field investigations. I have accumulated more than 160 Ghost videos, hundreds of ghost photographs and EVP recordings throughout the years. I am sharing my entire knowledge with you so you can acquire the experiences, knowledge and the understanding you need to be a ghost researcher and a paranormal investigator. Ghost research is an art of understanding afterlife. This book is more than a guide or a manual to ghost and paranormal research, but also a guide to understanding afterlife, parallel universe, spirit psychology, near death experience, dreams, quantum physics, death, grief, scientific evidence evaluation and much more.

My book was published by Coyote Moon Publishing in Arizona, USA. I would like to present this book to you and all my fellow readers. If you are looking for a book on understanding ghost, afterlife, how to be a ghost and paranormal researcher, or even learning about the science and metaphysics of spirit world, than this book is for you. The contents of this book is up to date and it delivers the sophisticated science and ghost research made simple to assist you and all ghost and paranormal researchers. My book was debuted in USA and is available in almost all major retail book stores. In Malaysia, you may purchase this book through my online store at GHOST SHOP

My book is available in paperback and also in PDF digital format. Ghost Research Manual is Malaysia and Asia’s first ever book released based on scientific studies on ghost research conducted by solo investigator Arwin John. It is also the most complete, up to date, in depth, book published. Ghost Research Manual is recommended by the Founder of International Ghost Hunter’s Society “Dr Dave & Dr.Sharon Oester” In USA.  The book was also recommend by reverse speech founder “David John Oates”  in Australia. The Founder of Malaysian Ghost Research “Augustine Towonsing”  have recommended this book as well, who happens to be my mentor in this field of ghost research in Malaysia.

My 7 years of experience is packed into this manual. I am also a certified IGHS member and IGHS inner circle society as well in US. Malaysian Paranormal Research is a Associated IGHS club.

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