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My personal research findings and data collection suggests that ghost/spirit/soul does exist in the form of electromagnetic field. The soul which is used to living in its own physical body while it was still residing in the earth realm, which is also known as physical dimension, spirits do still prefer to have the body they once had in the physical dimension. Therefore the soul tends to create or replicate the body of energy that is very similar to the earth dimension body. Since they are able to create such earthly body, the question of whether a ghost is able to hurt one physically is existed within many people’s mind as part of the main question. The universal answer to this is NO. Based on the researcher’s solo investigation throughout this 5 years has determined and proofed clearly that it is almost impossible for the spirit/ghost of the dead to hurt the living. Thus, there is no scientific facts or solid evidence that has been documented or reported to prove that the dead is able to hurt the living physically but yet there are multiple rumors circulating within our community that is in the form of orally or verbal change of speech regarding this matter without supporting solid proof and sufficient data to support their claims. In conclusion, the ghost stories which often relates the ghost hurting the living is nothing more but a myth and one of a great example’s of all time misleading perceptions regarding the existence of the spirit and its characteristics.


Spirits do have the ability to move physical objects such as table, chair, glass, opening and slamming the door/gates and so on only suggest that the ability of the earth bounded spirit manifesting before the living. In my personal experience, I have experienced being touch by spirits while I was taking a nap in my bed where one of the spirit pushed my feet where I quickly woke up since my sleep routine was disturbed by a unseen force and even during my solo investigations, I have been touched by spirits especially at the back of shoulder and so on. This research and experience shows that spirits are able to manifest before us according to the concept of freewill provided we are able to touch the spirits inner core with the abundance power of universal love that is able to directly communicate with the spirits inner self.

Yet, the only way or method for the spirit to ‘hurt’ the living is through the manipulations of the living being’s emotional feelings and negative thinking. Yet there is a universal question and that is why spirits ‘hurt’ people for no reasons? I personally believe that human intelligence survived the death process and the spirit still happens to have the reasoning thinking ability too. Therefore, the one thing that hurts the living is not the spirit but rather our own NEGATIVE THINKING/ NEGATIVE EMOTIONS / NEGATIVE ATTITUDES due to having no understanding or the right foundation about spirit’s existence or rather INCAPABLE or UNABLE to manage our own emotional feelings and the state of mind. In It is a rare event to hear someone physically got hurt by spirits if there really is a event that took place. Most likely, one may get injured during the occasion of seeing a ghost but it has totally nothing to do with the spirit or the ghost but rather due to our own incapability of managing our own feelings and the state of mind of being extremely scared during the given moment where the incident took place. This is the reason why we need a calm state of mind and to be able to be in control of our mind, body and soul.

Each and every one of us including the spirits of the dead are truly bonded with love within the sapphire of life, which is the universal love. With that said love is more likely connected to one’s feelings as a form of attachment. Therefore, the emotional feelings can be easily hurt by one without touching one physically in contact. So, regarding to this matter, this is why the Malaysian Paranormal Research has emphasized and stressed on the importance of showing love, respect, reverence and kindness towards the spirit of dead.

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