It’s almost a year since the official announcement  that was made to the public regarding the infamous Pudu jail that is to be brought down and demolished. The infamous pudu jail was built in phases by the British colonial government between 1891 and 1895. Works of deconstructing has taken place within the premise itself as the surrounding walls of the Pudu Jail was brought down including the famous arc that resembles the front gate entrance of the jail. The historical Pudu jail is a national treasure but due to its black history and the structure itself located in the middle of Kuala Lumpur, it has been a problem to the ever growing fast paced city center causing obstacles to developments that include  road widening projects, new buildings, and much more. In fact, according to the government, restoring the pudu jail itself would require a huge sum of money as the expenses for the repair and electricity including maintenance would be very high. The pudu jail was was built on the site of a former Chinese burial ground.  During world war 2 the Japanese occupation forces  incarcerated many allied prisoners of war there. The history of the pudu jail itself is very brutal and dark.  In June 2010, the eastern wall of the Pudu Prison complex was destroyed to make way for a road widening project. According to the government, it’s an eye sore to have the pudu jail structure located in the middle of  kuala lumpur especially since its the capital state of Malaysia.  It is the fastest growing metropolitan region in the country, in terms of population and economy.

Top view of the Pudu prison

My travel’s and adventure took me this time to the infamous Pudu Jail to conduct one night Investigation to seek the truth. As the night fall’s, I ventured into the path’s of the pudu jail which was said to be very haunted, as the prisoners that were hung there are still haunting the place and very much active and still living the life’s of the prisoner even in the afterlife. This could be due to forgiving issues, which they can’t forgive themselves for what they might have done while some don’t realize that they are actually dead. It is exactly 12am mid night as i step in the Pudu Jail, i felt a heavy emotion surrounding the place itself. It was as if the entire place is still very much alive as you would expect 100 years back. As i continued my walk, the air began to get very thick. I could not imagine how the prisoner’s would have felt being confined in such a small jail cell. It’s so hard to breath as the humid level is also very high. There is not much room within the cell, just a stone bed and a small window that you can barely see anything. The jail cell door is extremely strong and heavy. It was made with Iron and other materials. It is impossible to break such a door if any prisoner happen to plan any escape in such a close confined Pudu Jail. As i made my way to the second floor, I used my digital mel meter and k2 meter that measure electromagnetic field to sense any changes in the emf field which spirit’s tend to manipulate the surrounding that will register as a spike in the meter itself as spirits do carry the property of natural magnetic field. Spirit’s exist in the form energy. Just like what Einstein quoted ” E=MC²  ” that clearly explains that energy can never be destroyed but can only be manipulated from one form to the other as spirits vibrate in a higher frequency based on their progress.

As i walked with my detector’s in hand, it picked up number of emf spikes that fluctuated in the form of response as I asked the spirit questions.  I used the k2 meter which has 5 led light’s built on it, where each represent the emf value, as the higher the value of the emf fluctuations is, the higher the led lights on the emf meter will spike. I use it as a response device where I would ask a question and I will wait for a response from the spirit to spike the lights to either 4 for ye or 2 for no. I did numerous session with the entire pudu jail and had some amazing interaction at some particular locations including the place where they hang the prisoners for the death sentence.

As i walked along the place, there was this particular corridor on the first floor where I felt there is someone there. As to my validation, there was a increase of reading on the emf meter as well to backup my experience. I immediately placed my static Sony video camera that has the infrared night more recording function. As I aligned my video camera on my tripod to suit the angle i want to position, I also placed a infrared spotlight to illuminate the entire corridor so there wont be any lack of lighting problem when reviewing the video footage. Due to the busy street outside the premise of pudu jail, it was a challenge to conduct voice recording session to capture evp’s. As I dropped the idea of conducting my evp session, I simply set the video camera on record mode and invited the spirits to take part in my investigation as I moved away from my video camera to the other side of the Pudu jail to continue my venture in exploring to the depths of the historic prison. ” EVP stands for electronic voice phenomena “.

At the second floor, I set up my second video camera aiming towards the prison cell corridor.  After setting it up i continued my walk back to the ground floor and started to snap as much photographs I could of the pudu prison including the interior and the exterior as well. I believe the purpose of photographing the historic pudu prison is to capture the moment of the past that will soon be demolished. It is also a way to convey a message through the photographs as well but of course the main aim for me to photograph the location is to try obtaining any photographs that contain spirit anomaly, apparition or anything related to the paranormal. Due to the dusty condition of the location, many dust orb particles were seen and captured as well.

After spending my time for almost 2 hours, I decided to take a rest so I entered one of the cell rooms in the jail to sit down and relax while I try to focus myself and try to feel the location atmosphere as well as try to sense any movement or spirits appearing. While I had my personal experience during my half an hour relaxation, I also felt tired since I have been walking non stop for the past 2 hours and I begin to feel a little sleepy as well. As time past’s, I realized it was time to go up and collect my video camera’s and call it a day. So I continued to walk up the stairs to the first floor to collect my equipment. As I reached there, I thanked the spirits for willing to aid in my investigation and also for appearing in front of the video camera. This I always say after my investigation is over, and during I off my video camera and collect them. It’s a courtesy to show respect to the spirits which has always been the main values and the motif of our Malaysian Paranormal Research club, that is to respect spirits and touch them with love and humility.

As I collected all my gear, I wished a final farewell to the spirits and the location itself  prior to stepping foot out of the Pudu Jail. As I stepped out of the haunted Pudu Jail, the atmosphere totally changed as the sad emotions I felt were all left behind in the Pudu Prison. The only priceless thing that I took with me from the investigation at Pudu Jail is the memories as I leave my footprint behind.

Another night has passed. The following day I head back to my Malaysian Paranormal Research headquarters and analyzed the findings and, after careful consideration, I concluded that I have captured a number of amazing spirit evidence in the form of video. A spirit in the form of black ecto apparition was captured appearing multiple times in front of the video camera that I set at the first floor Pudu Jail corridor.  Followed by a few spirit configuration in the form of vibrant supercharged orb in motion. As for the added bonus, I have also captured a spirit in the form of shadow anomaly as well.  Below are the entire research findings that were captured at the Haunted Pudu Jail. I am also proud to say that Malaysian Paranormal Research is the first ever team to document and capture the spirit activity in the form of video in the Pudu Jail. Armed with the latest technology as well to search for answers by applying proper standards and protocols.  As I end this week’s journal, may the light of truth shine upon your spiritual journey and your quest in seeking for truth. AND I’m Arwin John signing off from Malaysian Paranormal Research HQ.  Enjoy the ghost evidence video’s below. Till next time….

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