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Death is part of life and someday every living being will have to go through that transition. At time, death is something unpredictable. There maybe vital indicator before such situation takes place but very often we choose to ignore the vital signs and early warnings of something tragic is about to happen. In par to this situation, I would like to share about the death of my beloved pet dog ” Injet ” that passed away on the 17th of February 2012 (Friday).  2 days before the incident took place, I felt a strange feeling within me that brought sadness and I would usually take a moment to feel that moment and reason what could be the cause of such feelings but I wasn’t able to reason or to make out what it could mean. As much I was aware something seems not right but the feeling were simply not enough to predict  what’s about to happen. The clues are not enough to make out the bigger picture.

The next day,  the feeling began to get more strong and in fact, I was beginning to listen to sad songs without any reason. I just felt better at that time. That night when I went to bed, it was around 12 plus at night. I fell asleep very fast and usually that is not the case since I would usually go to bed about 3 or 4am. As I was sleeping, I had dreams of being very sad and happy at the same time. It was mixed emotions and feelings. I dreamed of saying goodbye to someone and at the same time, I felt like a farewell but I was not able to recognize who the person or the being was. When I woke up in the morning around 6.30am, I totally could not recollect the following vital dreams. One thing for sure, I never had such a beautiful and calming sleep like the one I had last night.  As i woke up, i went out to catch the morning breeze as usual. As i was looking at the horizon and the skies, my mom approached me and told me that our pet dog that guards the car garage was dead. When I heard it first hand from my mom, I could not believe what she told me till i quickly ran out of my house to check him out and i was shocked and saddened to see him dead, laying on the ground one sided with blood scattered everywhere.  It’s the saddest day of my life and i have never experienced such a lost of a loved one with blood oozing out from its mouth everywhere. That morning was totally a sad morning and a sad day. My eyes were filled with tears, the feeling was intense that i began to cry.

Loosing a pet is the same to loosing a loved one or a family member. The pain is simply great. Being a ghost researcher who understands the afterlife and how important the grieving process is, i was able to accept death as a transition to the afterlife. Realizing the dog got hit by a reckless car driver with blood oozing everywhere, knowing how much pain the dog might have suffered moments before it dies, really makes me feel extremely sad and painful. I was not able to bare such a tragic death. I keep questioning myself why it has to go through such painful death and not a easier transition of death itself.

I wasn’t able to reason or function well at that time since i was emotionally unstable and feeling very down. As time pasts, i was calm and relaxed. During that moment i accessed my consciousness to realize the moment and what  I have just experienced.  Sometimes, death can be the cause of external force for animals. Death due to car accidents, murder or other cruelty can be caused by external force which means a person can be the cause of it and not the animal itself determining when it should die. Death is not prefixed for animals. When compared to humans, humans have freewill to determine when or how long they should live. Most of the times, we humans will choose a time when we should return to the spiritual world even before birth. When the time comes, we will somehow go through death in any way that’s possible to fulfill our self. Animals are different in nature as they are pure loving creatures of light that knows nothing but pure unconditional love.

Events such as accident that claims the live of the dog or any animals, are sometimes due to external involvement where reckless drivers may hit the animal and the animal may die. That is a classic event of what we call as external death involvement cause. Animals, especially our pets that shows us love, will always know their masters and in fact, some will choose to await their master return to the afterlife while some may choose to join with their other spiritual animal friends. The bond of love is so strong that even in the afterlife, one may experience the spirit of your beloved pet is still lingering around you or within the place where it used to live before.  It is okay to cry and be sad for a moment when we experience the lost of a loved pet, but remember it should only be for a short while but its necessary for our healing as well. Grieving is the most important part of the entire process. It is important for us to accept the reality that he or she has transitioned to the other side and they must progress on their spiritual journey. When we become emotionally sad or we choose to remain heartbroken for a long time, we are not only damaging our health but we are also not allowing the spirit to move on as well.

Our animal friends do have feelings just like humans and in the afterlife, they can feel all our emotions and our thoughts. Most of the time, our animal friends tend to be around us to comfort us during the time of lost and when we feel very sad. They can’t leave or progress to the spiritual realm because our emotions are anchoring them from moving on. When we project sadness and when we cry, we project negative emotions that may prevent the soul from moving on. The soul will find itself being sad as well because their master is still sad and crying. That prevents them from moving on. They can only progress and move when they have assurance that we are doing okay and have accepted that he or she is doing okay in the spirit world.  That is why it’s important to understand the grieving process correctly so that we don’t be the victim to anchor our beloved pet spirit friends from moving onwards to the higher spirit realm to rejoin with their other animal spirit friends. Just like humans, animals do have their own realm as well in the spirit dimension. Although they may progress to the higher realm, it doesn’t mean it would be the last of them.

We will definitely see them when we transition to the afterlife and than we will rejoice the moment. It is never a good bye but a see you later. Love can never be destroyed. It’s a universal energy and a strong bond that is immortal. We have to understand that all living things will die someday and nothing lasts forever in the physical realm. By understanding that death is part of the transition to the next life is important and vital for your understanding in dealing with grieve. When we have understanding and knowledge, we no longer will anchor the spirit or project negative emotions but we would aid the spirit to move to the higher realm together both of you growing spiritually by helping one another to attain higher spiritual understanding as life itself is a learning process towards being the one completeness where knowledge is achieve followed by bliss and peace with the oneself.

When I lost my beloved pet dog, it was hard to accept it but my knowledge on the afterlife and understanding brought me comfort and assurance that my pet dog “Injet” is doing fine in the afterlife. Although i wished he would never suffer such pain during the moment of his death but it’s inevitable and it happened unexpectedly. It was all of a sudden. The least i could do is to show how much i love my pet dog by sending positive thoughts and visualizing he is doing fine and happy in the afterlife. Our thoughts which is our mind is the universal key and force. Our thoughts projected by our mind, will be a universal energy format that sends our thoughts to all being of light. It is important to cry during the moment of grieve as it is part of our healing and human nature. Once we are done, we must learn to let go of them by not putting our emotional burdens on to them by being sad, emotionally negative and crying that may anchor the spirit from moving on. For a day or 2 is fine.  Maybe a week to digest the lost of a loved one but make sure it’s in a positive and healthy manner.

Trust me, the last thing you would want to do is to anchor the spirit from moving on to meet their animals spirit friends which is really selfish and very conditional.  Our love should be unconditional. Unconditional love means loving someone without any conditions to prior, during, or after. In other words, you accept them as what or who they are. Don’t expect them to be the way you want just because they don’t fit your standards of actions or conduct. You can learn unconditional love from our pet animals, especially a pet dog that knows no boundaries when it comes to pure love. The love it shows to its master is the purest of all love. Dogs never expect anything from their masters other than the loving companionship. You feed a dog a day, and he will be there beneath your feet till their last breath. That’s how loyal and loving they are. They are very innocent. Even if you scold them, they are still there wagging their tail to please you and everyone. They never expect anything in return like how we humans tend to be at times asking for assurance and promises just for the sake of assuring we are secure.

In the animal spirit world, there is a endless space of green grass, filled with flowers, beautiful mountains, and our beloved animal friends will join the other animal spirits and will run freely there happily while awaiting for their master to make the transition to the higher realm together. Remember, our beloved ones are never far apart. They may be right next to you watching over you and wagging their tail showing how faithful they are. I hope this article will help you in your moment of grieve. Let the knowledge of love be the guaranty that you will see your beloved pet or loved ones again. With that, i dedicate this article to my beloved pet dog “Injet” who will be deeply missed by me and my family.

Saddest day of my life. Deeply saddened by the lost of our beloved loyal dog “Injet” that takes care of the garage and the streets. No words or emotions are enough to express how much I’m saddened by this. Hope to see you again in the afterlife when it’s my turn. I deeply gonna miss you. Now all that remains, is the silence at the junction. No more tail wagging every morning and night. Just in tears now. I never had such a peaceful sleep last night which was very weird and the last 2 days i had dreams of losing someone and i never realized it was you. Miss you.

Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water, and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable. All the animals that had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor.

Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind. They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart. Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together.

Will miss you a lot. I will see you again one day when its my turn to transition to the other side, and we shall cross the rainbow bridge together. In peace,love and light.









In loving memories “Injet” – 17th February 2012  (Friday)

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My personal research findings and data collection suggests that ghost/spirit/soul does exist in the form of electromagnetic field. The soul which is used to living in its own physical body while it was still residing in the earth realm, which is also known as physical dimension, spirits do still prefer to have the body they once had in the physical dimension. Therefore the soul tends to create or replicate the body of energy that is very similar to the earth dimension body. Since they are able to create such earthly body, the question of whether a ghost is able to hurt one physically is existed within many people’s mind as part of the main question. The universal answer to this is NO. Based on the researcher’s solo investigation throughout this 5 years has determined and proofed clearly that it is almost impossible for the spirit/ghost of the dead to hurt the living. Thus, there is no scientific facts or solid evidence that has been documented or reported to prove that the dead is able to hurt the living physically but yet there are multiple rumors circulating within our community that is in the form of orally or verbal change of speech regarding this matter without supporting solid proof and sufficient data to support their claims. In conclusion, the ghost stories which often relates the ghost hurting the living is nothing more but a myth and one of a great example’s of all time misleading perceptions regarding the existence of the spirit and its characteristics.


Spirits do have the ability to move physical objects such as table, chair, glass, opening and slamming the door/gates and so on only suggest that the ability of the earth bounded spirit manifesting before the living. In my personal experience, I have experienced being touch by spirits while I was taking a nap in my bed where one of the spirit pushed my feet where I quickly woke up since my sleep routine was disturbed by a unseen force and even during my solo investigations, I have been touched by spirits especially at the back of shoulder and so on. This research and experience shows that spirits are able to manifest before us according to the concept of freewill provided we are able to touch the spirits inner core with the abundance power of universal love that is able to directly communicate with the spirits inner self.

Yet, the only way or method for the spirit to ‘hurt’ the living is through the manipulations of the living being’s emotional feelings and negative thinking. Yet there is a universal question and that is why spirits ‘hurt’ people for no reasons? I personally believe that human intelligence survived the death process and the spirit still happens to have the reasoning thinking ability too. Therefore, the one thing that hurts the living is not the spirit but rather our own NEGATIVE THINKING/ NEGATIVE EMOTIONS / NEGATIVE ATTITUDES due to having no understanding or the right foundation about spirit’s existence or rather INCAPABLE or UNABLE to manage our own emotional feelings and the state of mind. In It is a rare event to hear someone physically got hurt by spirits if there really is a event that took place. Most likely, one may get injured during the occasion of seeing a ghost but it has totally nothing to do with the spirit or the ghost but rather due to our own incapability of managing our own feelings and the state of mind of being extremely scared during the given moment where the incident took place. This is the reason why we need a calm state of mind and to be able to be in control of our mind, body and soul.

Each and every one of us including the spirits of the dead are truly bonded with love within the sapphire of life, which is the universal love. With that said love is more likely connected to one’s feelings as a form of attachment. Therefore, the emotional feelings can be easily hurt by one without touching one physically in contact. So, regarding to this matter, this is why the Malaysian Paranormal Research has emphasized and stressed on the importance of showing love, respect, reverence and kindness towards the spirit of dead.

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Imagine being able to pick up a phone or a device like it and dial up The Other Side. Answering on the other end is someone who is no longer of this world — they’re dead. This is the ET “call home” technology, which i call the dead phone. Imagine having two-way conversation with someone on the Other Side. Have you ever wanted to speak to a deceased family member, now is your chance with the Radio Shack Dead Phone. The Radio Shack device when modified becomes the Dead Communicator, and is a controversial new tool that evolved from research in the field of ITC, or Instrumental Trans-communication, which is dedicated to real-time, two-way bridges for voice and image by the use of electronic devices. The previous Radio Shack radio, 12-469, has been discontinued, but we now have this new Radio Shack radio that can be modified so ghost voices can be heard.

ITC employ the use of TVs, radios, telephones, computers, and other technical equipment to get information from the other side. Technology is no longer limited by tubes and transistors, this new technology evolved with better circuit designs for accessing audio frequencies. The original audio frequency devices were home brew, meaning that they were handmade and very costly due to time and material costs. Those who developed these black boxes charged an arm and a leg for sessions where they asked questions on behalf of the client. As in all good things, competition and the application of newer technology soon made it possible for this same kind of “telephone to the dead” to be developed by modifying existing technology. The advantage to this technology is that while recording, no insect noise in the background will affect the recording as you are recording directly from the radio. No man made noise or loud background sounds to muffle the recordings, which means you can use this anytime and anyplace. Totally superior to regular EVP recordings where background noise is a major factor.

No one knows why this technology can pick up ghost voices. Many theories exist, but none are proven. The sweeping of radio frequencies allows the reception of ghost voices. The ghost voices are heard in between radio stations so the ghosts are NOT using exiting audio voices to form words. This is a totally new science and is yet to be explained, but it does work.  This modification takes about ten to fifteen minutes to complete, which includes the time to open the case and remove two screws holding the circuit board in place, make the modification, and re-attach the circuit box back into the case. The only tools you will need are a wire cutter and a small Phillip-head screwdriver. Make your own telephone to talk with the dead.

Below is the 10 minutes video which i recorded to show you all how to hack you Radio Shack Model 12-587 and turn it into the shack hack Ghost Box.

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We believe that all of us including every fabrics of living energy will return to the kingdom of God as an individual. Nevertheless, the spherical life journey however is differing from one individual to another. Furthermore, no one would be held responsible for one spiritual growth but it is totally the responsibility by individual person that is based on the universal principle – the freewill rightness.

Yet, when we talks about the dimensional differences between the spirit dimension and the physical dimension we cannot only rely to what is logic to our mind that based on the physical dimension’s rules but we need to access the source of mind which is God’s mind.

Interestingly, most of us have been seasoned with our fundamental 5 physical senses that shaped our experience that has become the only source as a reference for us to make a decision in life.

Furthermore, the logical explanations is not enough to explain the reality of the spirit dimension as certain problem cannot be solved at the same stage with the problem raised. Therefore, we need to access the sub conscious mind to be reconnected with the super conscious mind the God’s mind that enable us to understand the basic rules of the universal principle.  Then again, the process to be reconnected with the source of mind needs us to combine all senses into one which is – The mind, the body and the soul.

Therefore, by accessing the source of mind – The God’s mind we are able to understand better the concept of the spirit world yet the understanding would be totally confined within one mind.

Hence, based on the Malaysian Paranormal Research findings, proof that the spirit dimension existence is similar to the physical dimension existence. Therefore, the similarity is in line with the concept of the Parallel Worlds Theory. What we fine within the physical dimension is also exist  at the spirit dimension.

Furthermore, since we believe that the spirit dimension exists based on energy therefore we need a higher logical thinking explanation to explain it such as the Theory of General Relativity that not only explains the concept of the spirit’s dimension but also Einstein held to his belief  that the God, who created the universe within His ultimate mind, exists.

However, to explain this matter in a sample manner the spirit dimension and the physical world is one within the God’s mind. The spirit dimension is core exist with the physical dimension based on the living’s view point on the spirit dimension. Therefore, the flash photo that you see here is a good reference to explain the deference between the two dimensions.

If we considered the surface of the water as a barrier between the bottoms of the water as a physical dimension and the upper dimension and beyond the surface of the water as the spirit dimension Therefore, we could see that both dimensions is one and integrated within the whole universe in God’s mind. Nevertheless, as a living we could not pass through the barrier although we could experienced the existence of the high dimension when we are close enough to the barrier or what most of the paranormal researchers believed to be the spirit portal yet it is not easy to enter the spirit’s dimension although it is possible.

In fact, the barrier is too thin and because the barrier is in the form of energy therefore it is not stable that similarly to surface of the river or pond that once the surface is disturb we could not see the reflections of the other dimension clearly or could not see at all.

Yet, based on the Quantum chromo dynamics explanations that explained the e=mc2 formula of Einstein shows that mass can be converted into energy, and energy can be converted into mass is a good explanations in regards of explaining the spherical life journey of mankind.

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